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Barrets Chapel Wilcats Area 3 Middle School Champions

BarretsChapelGirls BasketballChampion
(photo courtesy of Patosha Jeffery

Congrats to Coach Martin and her Barrets Chapel Lady Wildcats for winning the Area 3 Middle School Championship. We Got Next participants Jessie Wymore, Larissa Wright and Amelia Simpson were all named to All Tournament Team. Lady Mamba Amelia Simpson was named MVP of the tournament. Barrets Chapel will try to continue this run through the State Sectionals.

We Got Next League MVP: Toni Green

The We Got Next Fall League MVP was awarded to Toni Green 9th grader at Bolton High School. Toni was leading scorer in back to back weeks and was a constant threat to get in the lane with dribble penetration. She is a lefty guard that plays hard every second and is ridiculously quick. Great job Toni and we will continue to watch her development over the school year.

We Got Next League Championship Week

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First, thanks to all the parents, supporters, players and coaches that made the we got next league a success. We enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to doing it again really soon.

Game 1: Sparks (35) vs Shock (25)

Sparks: Christina Nichols (12)

Shock: Toni Green (9) & Amelia Simpson (9)

Game 2: Liberty (34) vs Sky (24)

Liberty: Taylor Robinson (18)

Sky: T. Green (9)

3rd Place Game: Shock (31) vs Sky (30)

Shock: Toni Green (12) & Kamille Clark (8)

Sky: M. Brown (13) & A. Wilson (10)

Championship: Sparks (19) vs Liberty (31)

Sparks: C. Nichols (7) & I. Wilson (5)

Liberty: T. Threlkald (11) & A. Simpson, T. Robinson (9)

Congratulations to the Liberty and Coach Nichols for winning the inaugural We Got Next Fall League.

We Got Next Final Weekend Oct. 3rd Schedule

Come out and participate in the final weekend of the We Got Next league. Oct. 3rd if you are not currently on a roster make sure to get there early so you can be placed on a team.

10:30 am – Sky vs. Shock

11:30 am- Liberty vs. Sparks

12:30 pm- Loser of Game 1 vs Loser of Game 2

1:30 pm- Winner of Game 1 vs Winner of Game 2

Who Got Next Week 3 Stats

Who Got Next Fall League week three was exciting as a few new players joined the league and plenty of in game highlights. Toni Green, who helped her team win in Patosha Jeffery event earlier that day, came in and dropped 17 points. She posted the league’s high after scoring 13 the week earlier; will she be the first player to hit 20 points? Ellie Adkission after missing everything in the first half going scoreless came back after the break on fire dropping 10 in the second half. Ravia Crawford who should be back this week after twisting her ankle dropped in 10 points with her dribble penetration. It was great to see players start to get confident on the court cant wait until week four to see who else will step up.

Sky (21) – Liberty (37)

Sky: Ellie Adkission (10), Michaela Brown (7)

Liberty: Toni Green (17), Aliyah Wilson (9)

Shock (21) – Sky (28)

Shock: Ravia Crawford (10), T. Threkheld (5)

Sky: Aliyah Wilson (8), Makayah Duncan (6)

Open Run: Kamille Clark (10), Toni Green (9)

Who Got Next League: Week 2 Highlights and Stats

Who Got Next Preseason League Week 2:

Sky (23) – Liberty (26)

Sky: Christina Nichols & Makayah Duncan (6)

Liberty:  Toni Green (13)

Shock (20) – Sparks (27)

Shock: India Wilson (7)

Sparks: Precious Stornes (11)

Open Run: Aliyah Wilson lead all scorers with 12 points

We Got Next Schedule for month of Sept.

The schedule for We Got Next preseason league is listed below. Newcomers are still welcome for Sept.12th and will be added to existing rosters. Fundamental training is optional.

Week Two Sept. 12th

10 am- 11 am- fundamental skills training

11:30 am- Sky vs. Liberty

12:30 pm- Sparks vs. Shock

1:30 pm- 2:30 pm- Open Run

Week Three Sept. 19th

10 am- 11 am- fundamental skills training

11:30 am- Sky vs. Sparks

12:30 am- Liberty vs. Shock

1:30 pm- 2:30 pm – Open Run

Week Four Sept. 26th

10:30 am – Sky vs. Shock

11:30 am- Liberty vs. Sparks

12:30 pm- Loser of Game 1 vs Loser of Game 2

1:30 pm- Winner of Game 1 vs Winner of Game 2

We Got Next! Week 1 Rosters

First off thanks to the parents for being supportive and cheering for every child at the league today. Special thanks to Alex Anderson for running the drills and Coach Nichols, Coach Kenyate (Desoto Flames) and the older Mambas girls (Gabby Morgan, Erica Jones, Teal Battle and Zaire Hicks) for coaching the teams and encouraging the players. Big thanks to Penny Williams and Memphis Metro for allowing us to use Seminary gym.

Sparks – Gabby & Erica

#10 Teaya Reaves

#12 Larissa Walker

#5 Taylor Young

#50 Brandy Simpson

#3 Christina Nichols

#24 Marquasia McGregory

Shock – Zaire & Teal

#14 Toni Green

#1 Antinique “Salt” Williams

#0 Annika Nixon

#30 India Wilson

#23 Marissa Walker

#24 Jessie Wymore

#21 Mia Battle

Liberty – Nichols

#21 Aliyah Wilson

#4 Ravia Crawford

#3 Kamille Clark

#24 Shelbee Brown

#20 Amelia Simpson

#54 Taylor Robinson

#0 Anna Grace Adams

Sky- Kenyate

#20 Cristina Calhoun

#12 Makayah Duncan

#50 Precious Stornes

#30 Ellie Adkisson

#22 Taylor Lee

#21 Leah Jones

#15 Michaela Brown

Mambas Present: We Got Next Preseason Fall League


Mambas Present: We Got Next Preseason Fall League will play games every Saturday in September at Mid America Seminary Church, 2095 Appling Road, Cordova, TN. The league is for players from sixth to ninth grades to provide these young ladies with an opportunity to stay in shape and competitive going until their school season. The fee for the league is $30 and players should register as soon as possible. Deadline for registration is September 2nd. Please feel out the information below and contact Coach bell 901-690-5015 for more information. 

Registered Players

Anna Grace Adams ( Barret’s Chapel) – 7th

Shelbee Brown (Highland Oaks) – 8th

Kamille Clark (Collegiate School of Memphis) – 8th

Ravia Crawford (Middle School) – 9th

Annika Nixon (Home School) – 8th

Amelia Simpson (Barret’s Chapel) – 8th

Brandy Simpson (Barret’s Chapel) – 8th

Teimya Battle (Olive Branch) – 7th

Fajr Hicks (Desoto Central) – 8th

Cristina Calhoun (Horn Lake) – 8th

Makayah Duncan (Horn Lake) – 8th

Michaela Brown (Whitehaven) – 9th

Kayleigh Harvey (Barret’s Chapel) – 7th

Marissa Walker (White Station) – 9th

Kayleigh Harvey (Barret’s Chapel) – 7th

Taylor Lee (Freedom Prep) – 9th

Precious Stornes (MASE) – 9th

Sophie Claire Williams (Memphis Metro) – 9th

Antinique Williams (Craigmont) – 9th

Toni Green (Bolton) – 9th

India Wilson (Southwind)

Aliyah Wilson (Lowrance) – 7th

Jessie Wymore (Barret’s Chapel) – 8th

Larissa Wright (Barret’s Chapel) – 8th

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