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Tamia Jones (2017) Forward- White Station Highlights

Patosha Jeffery,   always has an eye for Memphis girls basketball.and she has recently did a highlight video for White Station’s 2017 Forward Tamia Jones.

Tamia Jones is an extremely multidimensional player. She is 5’10 and can play both the guard and post positions. So I wanted to display all the skills she has: short jumper, slashing, ability to guard on the perimeter, athleticism, quick hands, rebounding, transition ball handling and shot blocking.

Footage from 2015 Fall Exposure League. Highlight created by Patosha Jeffery.


Valecia Harris (2016) Harding Academy/ Lady Mambas Mixtape

Valecia Harris (2016) Harding Academy/ Lady Mambas highlight tape from the PoPo Fall League courtesy of Patosha Jeffery. Valecia possesses deep range beyond the arc and moves very well without the ball. She is a smart player who is very unselfish. alook for Valecia to have a solid senior season with Harding Academy this year.

Patosha Jeffery FEL Championship Game Highlights: UCONN vs TENN

The championship game of the Patosha Jeffery Fall Exposure League was a rematch of UCONN vs TENN from the exhibition week. UCONN won both matchups and was crowned League Champs. Thanks Patosha for another great league. Big thanks to Stephen Nichols and Crystal Bowman for the highlights and photos.

There are lots of other pictures that are available for order or download once you make a FREE account: 

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Patosha Jeffery Fall Exposure Championship Week 

Great job by all the players and special thanks to Patosha Jeffery for all her hard work and putting together a top quality event every year.

9:15 am – Florida State 34 vs South Carolina 59
10:15 am – Maryland 52 vs Baylor 56 – Consolation Championship
11:15 am – Notre Dame 42 vs Dayton 32 – 3rd Place
12:15 am – UCONN 40 vs Tennessee 27 – League Championship

not pictured: Maryland & South Carolina

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Patosha Jeffery Week 3: Dayton vs UCONN Highlights & Photos <— All pictures available here once you make a FREE account

Thanks again to Crystal Bowman & Stephen Nichols for the highlight videos and pictures.

Patosha Jeffery 2015 UCONN vs Maryland Week 2 Video

Week 2 matchup between UCONN and Maryland was a battle of contrasting styles. With Maryland’s slow down, patient dribble-kick style vs UCONN’s uptempo, transition style; it lead to a very slow first half with neither team really getting going. UCONN would eventually pull out to a big lead in the start of the second half led by the length and versatility of Teal Battle and Erica Jones. Both Teal and Erica have long arms and possess strong knacks for being around the ball. They block shots, rebound on both ends, can step out and shot or finish around the rim and hustle on every play. Erica has been the breakout player in the league and has really advanced her play since last summer. Christina Nichols (2020) played with high confidence despite being the youngest player on the court; she has nice handles and court vision. Maryland’s Jayla Hemingway had another strong game; she drives to the goal strong every play and draws tons of fouls. Shannon Sharp contributed to Maryland’s scoring knocking down mid range jumpers. The contrasting styles made for a low scoring game but UCONN won by double figures.

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Patosha Jeffery 2015 Baylor vs Tennessee Week 2 Video

Week 2 match up between Baylor and Tennessee was a battle between two young fast teams that like to get out and score in transition. It was the fastest pace game of the league so far with the tempo moving at a break neck pace. The game was full of high energy and multiple lead changes. Baylor’s Tann Metcalf had a huge impact on the game playing with a “Paul Pierce-esque” style of play. She routinely catches defenders off guard with her deceptive speed, outside shooting and ability to finish through contact. Taylor Lattimore and Ty Metcalf were effective getting to the basket at will. Tennessee’s Brittni Moore versatility proved to be a difficult task for the young Baylor team as she dominated the game on the boards as well as her ability to score and pass from the high post. Lindsey Vaughn continued her hot shooting and Akeria James knocked down shots from outside. Tennessee’s outside shooting proved to be the difference in the game helping them to secure a close victory.

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Patosha Jeffery 2015 Notre Dame vs Florida State Week 2 Video

Week 2 matchup between Notre Dame vs Florida State was tightly contested and well fought by both sides. Two of the top guards in MS were pitted against each other in this game with Notre Dame Ashtyn Baker (2017- Northpoint) and Florida State Myah Taylor (2017- Olive Branch) both trying to lead their respective team to victory. These two young ladies left it all on the court this game. Both showed why they are so sought after from college coaches competing on every play from Ashtyn although being the shortest person on the floor battling for defensive rebounds to Myah stopping a 3-1 fast break on her own. It was great to witness players push through fatigue and compete until the last second and at the same time encouraging their younger teammates during the heated contest. Speaking of younger teammates, Taylor Woodhouse (2021- Colonial) showed no fear on the court with the high schoolers, knocking down shots and handling point guard duties definitely a player to watch out for in the future. Alyssa Wells (2017- Conway) came up with some big plays in timely situations to help Ashtyn and Notre Dame squeeze out the victory.

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Patosha Jeffery FEL Week 2 UCONN vs Maryland Highlights and Photos

Patosha Jeffery Fall Exposure League Week 2 UCONN vs Maryland Highlights and Photos. Highlights courtesy of Stephen Nichols and pictures courtesy of Crystal Bowman.

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