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Lady Mambas Player Stats 12/9

MLK Prep (31)-Craigmont (66)

Danielle Conley 18, Keveona Fayne 7, Akeria James 6, Mariah Houston 4, Antinique Williams 4

Sheffield (58)-Kirby (75)

Breanna Beason 15




I named our team Mambas because of Kobe Bryant.

Kobe isn’t my favorite player of all time. Nor am I’m a Lakers fan.

Kobe is a symbol of excellence, hard work, a never quit mentality and self believer when others doubted him.

Kobe Bryant is the best player of his generation. Kobe is a game changer. A fearless leader. A competitor to the highest degree.

I train all Mambas players to have a Kobe frame of mind.

1st go hard in gym when others have gone home.

2nd never back down from a obstacle. No matter the size.

3rd Totally believe in yourself.

4th Block out others comments and remarks.

5th Always be willing to take the last shot.

5 reasons Kobe won 5 titles.

Memphis Mambas Salute Kobe Bryant one of the greatest ever.

Thank you Kobe we will continue your fighting spirit, desire to compete and drive to win.


Kenny Kallina Top 103 Club teams of Summer 2015

Kenny Kallina released his annual list of top club teams of the summer of 2015. The full list is available hereThe Memphis Lady Mambas were ranked #103. With hundreds of club teams out there, its a high privilege to be recognized for our efforts. 

This was a big year for the Lady Mambas since its our first senior class of players. Many of these players have been with us since our first game three summers ago. We want to THANK those players and parents for building a legacy that will continue to grow.

We Got Next Schedule for month of Sept.

The schedule for We Got Next preseason league is listed below. Newcomers are still welcome for Sept.12th and will be added to existing rosters. Fundamental training is optional.

Week Two Sept. 12th

10 am- 11 am- fundamental skills training

11:30 am- Sky vs. Liberty

12:30 pm- Sparks vs. Shock

1:30 pm- 2:30 pm- Open Run

Week Three Sept. 19th

10 am- 11 am- fundamental skills training

11:30 am- Sky vs. Sparks

12:30 am- Liberty vs. Shock

1:30 pm- 2:30 pm – Open Run

Week Four Sept. 26th

10:30 am – Sky vs. Shock

11:30 am- Liberty vs. Sparks

12:30 pm- Loser of Game 1 vs Loser of Game 2

1:30 pm- Winner of Game 1 vs Winner of Game 2

Training With Brett Schneider VIDEO

Brett Schneider, Sweat with Success, recently held training sessions in Memphis which was filmed by Stephen Nichols. Gazmyne Herndon (2016- Douglass), Zaire Hicks (2017), Teal Battle (2017), Shania Johnson (2017) & Christina Nichols (2020) participated in this session.

We Got Next! Week 1 Rosters

First off thanks to the parents for being supportive and cheering for every child at the league today. Special thanks to Alex Anderson for running the drills and Coach Nichols, Coach Kenyate (Desoto Flames) and the older Mambas girls (Gabby Morgan, Erica Jones, Teal Battle and Zaire Hicks) for coaching the teams and encouraging the players. Big thanks to Penny Williams and Memphis Metro for allowing us to use Seminary gym.

Sparks – Gabby & Erica

#10 Teaya Reaves

#12 Larissa Walker

#5 Taylor Young

#50 Brandy Simpson

#3 Christina Nichols

#24 Marquasia McGregory

Shock – Zaire & Teal

#14 Toni Green

#1 Antinique “Salt” Williams

#0 Annika Nixon

#30 India Wilson

#23 Marissa Walker

#24 Jessie Wymore

#21 Mia Battle

Liberty – Nichols

#21 Aliyah Wilson

#4 Ravia Crawford

#3 Kamille Clark

#24 Shelbee Brown

#20 Amelia Simpson

#54 Taylor Robinson

#0 Anna Grace Adams

Sky- Kenyate

#20 Cristina Calhoun

#12 Makayah Duncan

#50 Precious Stornes

#30 Ellie Adkisson

#22 Taylor Lee

#21 Leah Jones

#15 Michaela Brown

Christina Nichols (2020) Final Summer Game Highlights

After an extremely productive summer, Christina Nichols played her final game of the summer with the Lady Mambas. She is coming off a MVP season with Millington Middle School and we fully expect her to have an even better season this school year.

Lady Mambas Undefeated at ATL Summer Slam

Lady Mambas finished the season off strong with both the Mambas 2016 and 2018 teams going undefeated at the ATL Summer Slam

Lady Mambas 2016 went 4-0


Lady Mambas 2018 went 5-0


Memphis Mambas Training 06/11/15

Memphis Mambas training session on Thursday 06/11/15. Thanks to all the coaches, players and parents for all the support.

Video courtesy of Stephen Nicholas

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