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Patosha Jeffery 2015 UCONN vs Maryland Week 2 Video

Week 2 matchup between UCONN and Maryland was a battle of contrasting styles. With Maryland’s slow down, patient dribble-kick style vs UCONN’s uptempo, transition style; it lead to a very slow first half with neither team really getting going. UCONN would eventually pull out to a big lead in the start of the second half led by the length and versatility of Teal Battle and Erica Jones. Both Teal and Erica have long arms and possess strong knacks for being around the ball. They block shots, rebound on both ends, can step out and shot or finish around the rim and hustle on every play. Erica has been the breakout player in the league and has really advanced her play since last summer. Christina Nichols (2020) played with high confidence despite being the youngest player on the court; she has nice handles and court vision. Maryland’s Jayla Hemingway had another strong game; she drives to the goal strong every play and draws tons of fouls. Shannon Sharp contributed to Maryland’s scoring knocking down mid range jumpers. The contrasting styles made for a low scoring game but UCONN won by double figures.

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Patosha Jeffery 2015 Maryland vs Baylor Week 1 Video

Week 1 game featuring super freshman Jayla Hemingway‘s Maryland team vs the dynamic duo of Taylor Lattimore and Ty Metcalf led Baylor team. The game starts off with Jayla (11 points) imposing her will against the smaller Baylor team and with the help of skilled forward Tamia Jones (10 points, 9 rebs) jumped out to the earlier lead. Baylor shook off the early nerves and sparked by their high energy defense and team speed were off and running in transition scoring points in bunches. Taylor Lattimore finished with 17 points, league’s highest scorer began to penetrate to the hoop with ease and show off her athleticism with a few speculator finishes in traffic combined with Ty Metcalf (9 points) breaking the defense with her great vision and speed.  Jerhonise Rollins showed her versatility with 3 blocked shots and a nice coast-to-coast finish. Laurissa Campbell showed tremendous improvement from last year’s Fall league as she was aggressive on both ends of the court finishing with 6 points, 3 rebounds and 3 steals. 

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