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We Got Next League Championship Week

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First, thanks to all the parents, supporters, players and coaches that made the we got next league a success. We enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to doing it again really soon.

Game 1: Sparks (35) vs Shock (25)

Sparks: Christina Nichols (12)

Shock: Toni Green (9) & Amelia Simpson (9)

Game 2: Liberty (34) vs Sky (24)

Liberty: Taylor Robinson (18)

Sky: T. Green (9)

3rd Place Game: Shock (31) vs Sky (30)

Shock: Toni Green (12) & Kamille Clark (8)

Sky: M. Brown (13) & A. Wilson (10)

Championship: Sparks (19) vs Liberty (31)

Sparks: C. Nichols (7) & I. Wilson (5)

Liberty: T. Threlkald (11) & A. Simpson, T. Robinson (9)

Congratulations to the Liberty and Coach Nichols for winning the inaugural We Got Next Fall League.


Postponed: Who Got Next FINAL Week will be Saturday OCT. 3rd

The Who Got Next Fall league will NOT be played this Saturday but will resume Saturday Oct. 3rd at the same place and time due to the Sept. 26 Fall Evaluation Weekend. We are very excited for the final weekend and all coaches wanted to be there for the games therefore we have to push the event back a week.

We Got Next! Week 1 Rosters

First off thanks to the parents for being supportive and cheering for every child at the league today. Special thanks to Alex Anderson for running the drills and Coach Nichols, Coach Kenyate (Desoto Flames) and the older Mambas girls (Gabby Morgan, Erica Jones, Teal Battle and Zaire Hicks) for coaching the teams and encouraging the players. Big thanks to Penny Williams and Memphis Metro for allowing us to use Seminary gym.

Sparks – Gabby & Erica

#10 Teaya Reaves

#12 Larissa Walker

#5 Taylor Young

#50 Brandy Simpson

#3 Christina Nichols

#24 Marquasia McGregory

Shock – Zaire & Teal

#14 Toni Green

#1 Antinique “Salt” Williams

#0 Annika Nixon

#30 India Wilson

#23 Marissa Walker

#24 Jessie Wymore

#21 Mia Battle

Liberty – Nichols

#21 Aliyah Wilson

#4 Ravia Crawford

#3 Kamille Clark

#24 Shelbee Brown

#20 Amelia Simpson

#54 Taylor Robinson

#0 Anna Grace Adams

Sky- Kenyate

#20 Cristina Calhoun

#12 Makayah Duncan

#50 Precious Stornes

#30 Ellie Adkisson

#22 Taylor Lee

#21 Leah Jones

#15 Michaela Brown

Patosha Jeffery 2015 Maryland vs Baylor Week 1 Video

Week 1 game featuring super freshman Jayla Hemingway‘s Maryland team vs the dynamic duo of Taylor Lattimore and Ty Metcalf led Baylor team. The game starts off with Jayla (11 points) imposing her will against the smaller Baylor team and with the help of skilled forward Tamia Jones (10 points, 9 rebs) jumped out to the earlier lead. Baylor shook off the early nerves and sparked by their high energy defense and team speed were off and running in transition scoring points in bunches. Taylor Lattimore finished with 17 points, league’s highest scorer began to penetrate to the hoop with ease and show off her athleticism with a few speculator finishes in traffic combined with Ty Metcalf (9 points) breaking the defense with her great vision and speed.  Jerhonise Rollins showed her versatility with 3 blocked shots and a nice coast-to-coast finish. Laurissa Campbell showed tremendous improvement from last year’s Fall league as she was aggressive on both ends of the court finishing with 6 points, 3 rebounds and 3 steals. 

Check out  for individual player profiles and evaluations.

Bluff City Girls League Fall Schedule

The Bluff City Girls Fall League is a highly competitive league with the area’s top talent playing at Mississippi Blvd Church on Sundays. The entire league is loaded with talent from ESPN #98 Rondrea Echols (2016- Overton), #100 Manaya Jones (2016- Raleigh-Egypt), #53 Myah Taylor (2017- Olive Branch) to super freshman Jayla Hemingway (2019- Houston) and too many more to name. The energy in the building is electric and the games are played at a break neck tempo. Make sure you get out to witness our area’s top talent all playing at one place. The schedule is posted below:

August 30th
3:00pm​​ Dream ​​vs​ Sky
4:15pm​​ Lynx ​​vs ​Mercury
5:30pm​​ Sparks​​vs ​Fever
6:45pm​​ Mystics​​ vs​ Storm

September 6th ​​​​​​​​​​​​
3:00pm​​Mystics ​vs ​Sparks
4:15pm​​Mercury ​vs ​Fever
5:30pm​​ Sky ​​vs ​Lynx
6:45pm​​ Storm​​ vs​ Dream

September 13th ​​​​​​​​​​​
3:00pm​​ Storm ​​vs ​Lynx
4:15pm​​ Sparks ​​vs ​Dream
5:30pm​​ Mystics​​ vs​ Mercury
6:45pm​​ Fever​​ vs​ Sky

September 20th ​​​​​​​​​​​
3:00pm​​ Dream ​​vs ​Lynx
4:15pm​​ Storm ​​vs ​Fever
5:30pm​​ Mystics​​ vs​ Sky
6:45pm​​ Mercury​ vs​ Sparks

Patosha Jeffery Fall Exposure League Preview

It’s that time of year again. The 5th Annual Fall Exposure League is here! Kicks off Saturday, August 22. All games at Ridgeway Baptist Church. Admission $5.

Patosha Jeffery offered a preview and breakdown of some of week one most intriguing match ups. The complete breakdown is available here.

Notre Dame vs Dayton – 9:15am

Maryland vs Baylor – 10:15am

Baylor will be lead by the dynamic duo of Tyenisha Metcalf and Taylor Lattimore. These two can get up the court quickly and athletically to score.

UCONN vs Tennessee – 11:15am 

In last year’s league, UCONN was the team that no one seemed to be able to beat, until they ran upon a young Memphis squad. UConn is made up of some of the same players from last year including vocal leader and defender Gabrielle Morgan, show time Zaire Hicks, and aggressive Emily Evans.

Florida State vs South Carolina – 12:15pm

Bluff City Girls Roster and Week One Schedule- August 23rd

The Bluff City Girls Fall League games will start this Sunday August 23 @ Mississippi Blvd Life Center. Game times are 3:00, 4:15, 5:30 & 6:45.

August 23rd ​​​​​​​​​​​​
3:00 pm​​ Mercury ​vs ​Dream
4:15 pm​​ Lynx ​​vs​ Sparks
5:30 pm​​ Sky ​​vs​ Storm
6:45 pm​​ Fever ​​vs​ Mystics

DREAM – Ashley & Curtis
Manaya Jones
Myah Taylor
Damiah Griffin
Gazmyne Herndon
Kayla Bradley
Destinee Manning
Promise Gray
Astraea Moore
Jaylin Martin
Catlyn Wilson

STORM – Maurice
Rochelle Lee
Jayla Hemingway
Nakia Grandberry
Kayla Freeman
Madison Griggs
Shania Johnson
Taylor Manning
Kerrigan Braxton
Alexus Williams
Makayla Cheatham

Allana Black
Poodie Johnson
Rodrea Echols
Ebony Shaw
Gabby Moore
Suzanne Dease
Keianna Thompson
Dejanae Potter
Jasmine Malone
Alexis Rittman

FEVER – Erica & Tiffany
Tesia Thompson
Ariel Williams
Jireh Washington
Gabby Crawford
Shaela Gardner
Dee Dee Williams
Kynadi Kuykendall
Takya Reid
Jakyya Clay
Marika Owens

SPARKS – Jason
Kiante Butts
Johne Stewart
Jessica Jackson
Madison Smith
Shamesha Barbee
Zareia Ector
Martina Jones
Hailey Hammond
Harmony Lucas
Alexa Nightingale

SKY – Patrice & Eric
LaTrese Saine
Jamirah Shutes
Kerrice Watson
Alayjah Sherer
Brittani Moore
Taylor Williams
Johnna Jones
Surina Finnie
Lytia Flowers
Jalencia Kohlheim

MERCURY – Rachel
Courtney Banks
Shay Johnson
Jasmine Carson
Sydney Malone
Alexis Taylor
Jada Taylor
Undrea Potter
Cayla Banks
Alyssa Bateman
Shenika Spencer

LYNX-Tiffani & Shunda
Charity Savage
Shamya London
Breanna Bullock
Canzis Echols
Teiangela Boston
Marie Hunter
Davielle Moore
Tia Stevenson
Torri Daniels
Nakeeva Brandon

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