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Tye Metcalf (Southaven) Signs with EMCC


Tye Metcalf (Southaven) signs to continue her playing career at East Mississippi Community College. The Mambas are extremely proud of her achievements and know she will make an immediate impact on the next level.


Erica Jones (Kentucky State) and Emily Evans (EMCC) sign NLIsĀ 

Southaven seniors Erica Jones and Emily Evans will continue their basketball careers on the next level. Erica Jones moving on to play at Kentucky State and Emily Evans will play at East Mississippi Community College. These two ladies have been a huge reason why the Lady Mambas has grown as a program.  Honestly without Emily there would be no Lady Mambas.  I still remember walking in the gym with 3 girls at practice and Coach Bell and I telling them to go back to your school and get some players. What did Emily do; she brought us a whole team but that’s not surprising for her: that’s who she is a go-getter and a leader. Emily had to endure all the bumps of a new program, the losing, bad tournaments and etc but she stayed right here. Constantly working, not complaining if she did I’ll just bribe her with candy on the bench. Emily will surprise a ton of people on the next level and the Lady Mambas will forever be indebted to her.

Erica Jones is more amazing than even she knows. She makes unbelievable plays at random and barely shrugs her shoulder while everyone else jaw is on the floor. It’s really scary to think how good she will be after a year in college. She has come so far from the little quiet player who wanted in the gym and tried to hide through drills. I could type forever about every transition she has made as a player but know this she still hasn’t scratched the surface of her potential. 

These two young ladies, Erica Jones and Emily Evans, encompass the Lady Mambas mentality. Both of them could have left and went to other programs or quit but no they worked, developed  and got better. They took a program that barely won local games and put them in the top 70 in the country. When both of them of All Americans and have made their colleges serious contenders, the Lady Mambas won’t be surprised. #Mambas4Life #UATW 

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