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Astraea Moore (Northwest Mississippi CC) Schedule and Media Guide

Astraea Moore on front cover of Northwest Mississippi CC Media Guide. Astraea had a good freshman season and looks to improve this year. She was a member of the ’16 Lady Mambas class and attended high school at Southaven. Be sure to check out some games this season. 12/4 & 2/1 vs East Mississippi will feature another Lady Mambas Emily Evans and 1/29 & 2/22 vs Itawamba will feature former Lady Mambas Kiara McCollins.


Introducing: Laurissa Campbell (2019) Blytheville (AR)/ Lady Mambas

The introducing series is small snippets displaying players abilities in this edition we showcase: Laurissa Campbell an athletic lefty forward with tremendous jumping ability and great timing on shot blocks. Laurissa utilizes her athletic ability and vertical leap to elevate over defenders on her shot and grabs a high volume of offensive rebounds. she is also known for her highlight reel block shots which are displayed in this video. Laurissa will be a valuable asset at either forward position on the next level.

Thank You Lady Mambas 2018

Thank you to the Lady Mambas 2018.  It seems like only yesterday when we first saw these young ladies walk through the gym as bright eyed youngsters just happy to be on a team and now we have played our last tournament together. The great thing about coaching is you get to see people grow and mature into young adults on and off the court. This group has grown up in the Mambas family and won countless trophies and championships; they have exceeded team wins for any Mambas team and set the bar extremely high for every Mambas team in the future. Even more importantly, they truly bonded as a family on and off the court. The goal of the Mambas program is to get better every year; this 2018 team took the foundation laid for them and took the organization to new heights with their overwhelming success and dominance on the court. The Mambas organization is forever indebted to these young ladies and we will support you throughout the rest of your careers. Thank you!

Mambas Alumni

Since the Mambas inception in 2013, we’ve had the pleasure of working with these ladies and sending them on to their next adventures in their respective sports:


Moriah Muhammad – Rhodes College (Soulsville Charter)


Canzis Echols – Walters State (Kingsbury High)

Gabby Moore – Spring Hill College/ Millsaps College (Memphis Catholic)

Laura Spradlin – Ouachita Baptist (Memphis Metro Home School)

Astraea Moore – Northwest Mississippi CC (Southaven High)

Suzanne Dease – Belhaven (soccer) (Memphis Catholic)

Courtney Banks – Lemoyne-Owen College (Desoto Central)

Breana Beason – Lemoyne-Owen College (Sheffield)

DaShona Richard – Lemoyne-Owen College (volleyball) (Wooddale)

Gabby Morgan – Lewis & Clark CC/ Lemoyne-Owen College (Southaven)

Dee Dee Williams – Lewis & Clark CC/ Lemoyne-Owen College (Bartlett)

Danielle Conley – Lewis & Clark CC (Craigmont)


Zaire Hicks – UT-Martin (White Station)

Teal Battle – UALR (White Station)

Lindsey Whiteside – Rhodes College (Northpoint)

Emily Evans – East Mississippi CC (Southaven)

Jordyn Greene – Jackson State CC (Gleason)

Erica Jones – Kentucky State (Southaven)

Kiara McCollins – Itawamba CC (Mitchell)


Benise Duhart – King University (SBA)

Surina Finnie – Harris Stowe (Ridgeway)

Tye Metcalf – East Mississippi CC (Southaven)

Kealy Wilson – Itawamba CC (Horn Lake)

Taylor Lattimore – Jackson State University (Arlington)


YaYa Coleman – North Carolina A & T (Southwind)

Zuri Dunlap – Itawamba CC (Hernando)

Ree-Ree Randle – Alabama State University (Horn Lake)

Desiree Williams – Clarendon CC (Desoto Central)

Laurissa Campbell – Arkansas-Fort Smith (Blytheville)

Akeria James – Tyler JC (Craigmont)

Dee Dee Williams
DaShona Richard
Courtney Banks
Breana Beason
Astraea Moore
Suzanne Dease
Laura Spradlin
Gabby Moore
Gabby Morgan
Danielle Conley
Canzis Echols
Teal Battle
Teal Battle
Zaire Hicks
Erica Jones
Erica Jones
Kiara McCollins
Kiara McCollins
Jordyn Greene
Jordyn Greene
Lindsey Whiteside
Lindsey Whiteside
Emily Evans
Emily Evans
Moriah Muhammad

Benise Duhart

Surina Finnie
Tye Metcalf


Taylor Lattimore
Kealy Wilson

Kiara McCollins  (Mitchell) Signs with Itawamba CC 

Congratulations to Kiara McCollins for continuing her playing career at Itawamba CC. Kiara came right into the Mambas organization and instantly became a member of the family. Her personality would always keep the team energized. She possess natural leadership qualities that will transition well on the next level. Never one to be shy, her willingness to be a vocal leader and her selflessness to make hustle plays on defense will get her consistent playing time in college. Kiara is a true testament to what believing in yourself can help you achieve; she consistently asked to get in the gym and worked; she accepted constructive criticism and she kept pushing to get better. Kiara never allowed doubters or detractors from letting her reach for her goals. The Mambas organization is proud to have been a part of her journey. Itawamba is getting a fun, energetic and personable player that will be an immediate contributor on the court. Kiara McCollins, keep proving the doubters wrong.

Lindsey Whiteside (Northpoint) signs with Rhodes College

Lindsey Whiteside signs with Rhodes College. Lindsey was only with us for one season but it feels like she was here from the beginning. She is the type of player that comes right in and does whatever is needed without compliants. Some games she would be leader scorer, the next leader rebounder or assists or guard the best player on the other team. Lindsey does it all, the ultimate glue player, so its no surprise that she helped lead her high school to back-to-back state rings and it will be no surprise the immediate impact she will have at Rhodes. She is a competitor, Rhodes will be a contender in the next four years due to her championship mindset. Lindsey Whiteside even though her time in a Mambas jersey was short she will forever be Mambas family.  

Erica Jones (Kentucky State) and Emily Evans (EMCC) sign NLIs 

Southaven seniors Erica Jones and Emily Evans will continue their basketball careers on the next level. Erica Jones moving on to play at Kentucky State and Emily Evans will play at East Mississippi Community College. These two ladies have been a huge reason why the Lady Mambas has grown as a program.  Honestly without Emily there would be no Lady Mambas.  I still remember walking in the gym with 3 girls at practice and Coach Bell and I telling them to go back to your school and get some players. What did Emily do; she brought us a whole team but that’s not surprising for her: that’s who she is a go-getter and a leader. Emily had to endure all the bumps of a new program, the losing, bad tournaments and etc but she stayed right here. Constantly working, not complaining if she did I’ll just bribe her with candy on the bench. Emily will surprise a ton of people on the next level and the Lady Mambas will forever be indebted to her.

Erica Jones is more amazing than even she knows. She makes unbelievable plays at random and barely shrugs her shoulder while everyone else jaw is on the floor. It’s really scary to think how good she will be after a year in college. She has come so far from the little quiet player who wanted in the gym and tried to hide through drills. I could type forever about every transition she has made as a player but know this she still hasn’t scratched the surface of her potential. 

These two young ladies, Erica Jones and Emily Evans, encompass the Lady Mambas mentality. Both of them could have left and went to other programs or quit but no they worked, developed  and got better. They took a program that barely won local games and put them in the top 70 in the country. When both of them of All Americans and have made their colleges serious contenders, the Lady Mambas won’t be surprised. #Mambas4Life #UATW 

Jordyn Greene (Gleason) Signs with Jackson State CC 

Jordyn Greene  (Gleason) will continue her playing career at Jackson State CC.  Jackson State is getting a deadly 3pt marksman and a great teammate. Congrats to Jordyn and her family and look forward to much success in college next season.

Katie Blackmon  (2018- Olive Branch) makes All- State Team

Congrats to Katie Blackmon  (2018- Olive Branch) on making the All- State Team. She had a great junior season and helped Olive Branch win a state title.

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