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The Game Starts At Practice

We Got Next League Returns

The We Got Next League is for 5th-8th grade players and includes 8 games and 5 hours of skill training. Registration form will be posted soon.

2017 Participants

Isabella Carlson 2022 Northpoint

Elyse Warren 2022 Barrets Chapel

Kristyna Boyd 2022 West

Tytianna Lucas 2023 Barrets Chapel

Hannah Richardson 2022 Munford




Year Round Training Program

Starting with the c/o 2019, the Lady Mambas will be providing year round training to anyone considering playing during the summer club season. Players that plan to play on the Elite travel teams must complete mandatory minimum 40 sessions of training between August through February. Also training and skills camps will be available during the winter and spring breaks. Players must preregister before scheduled time for each session to keep groups manageable. Training is open to boys and girls; Mambas and non-Mambas players.

Monday sessions (open):

1888 Bartlett Road

6- 7:30 pm; 7:30 -9 pm

Wednesday (point guards):

1888 Bartlett Road

6- 8:00 pm

Friday (open):

3371 Spottswood

5:30- 7:30 pm

Saturday (open)

3371 Spottswood

9am -11am


1888 Bartlett Road

5:30 – 7:00 (post)

7- 8:30 (open)

Sunday (open)

1888 Bartlett Road

4pm- 5:30

5:30- 7:00

7:00 – 8:30pm


Mambas :$40 per month (online via Paypal) ; $35 per month (cash) ; $5 per session

Non-Mambas: $65 per month (online via Paypal) ; $60 per month (cash) ; $10 per session

Paypal Link: 

Registration Links:


Wednesday (Point Guards):

Friday & Saturday (Davis CC) :

Saturday Nights :


Introducing: Laurissa Campbell (2019) Blytheville (AR)/ Lady Mambas

The introducing series is small snippets displaying players abilities in this edition we showcase: Laurissa Campbell an athletic lefty forward with tremendous jumping ability and great timing on shot blocks. Laurissa utilizes her athletic ability and vertical leap to elevate over defenders on her shot and grabs a high volume of offensive rebounds. she is also known for her highlight reel block shots which are displayed in this video. Laurissa will be a valuable asset at either forward position on the next level.

Thank You Lady Mambas 2018

Thank you to the Lady Mambas 2018.  It seems like only yesterday when we first saw these young ladies walk through the gym as bright eyed youngsters just happy to be on a team and now we have played our last tournament together. The great thing about coaching is you get to see people grow and mature into young adults on and off the court. This group has grown up in the Mambas family and won countless trophies and championships; they have exceeded team wins for any Mambas team and set the bar extremely high for every Mambas team in the future. Even more importantly, they truly bonded as a family on and off the court. The goal of the Mambas program is to get better every year; this 2018 team took the foundation laid for them and took the organization to new heights with their overwhelming success and dominance on the court. The Mambas organization is forever indebted to these young ladies and we will support you throughout the rest of your careers. Thank you!

Memphis Lady Mambas 2018 & 2019 Thoroughbred Classic Schedule July 9th

Apache Paschall Schedule – Lady Mambas HS & Lady Mambas 2021

Lady Mambas- HS

July 8th

6:00pm- Court 30 SC Future 10th vs Memphis Mambas HS

7:10pm – Court 17 DME 16U vs Memphis Mambas HS

July 9th

9:35am – Court 23 Memphis Mambas HS vs FGB So Fla Drummer

1:55 pm – Court 27 Memphis Mambas HS vs St. Louis Eagles 2020
Mambas 2021

July 8th

7:10 pm- Court 23 Memphis Mambas 2021 vs Boilingbrook Panthers 14U

9:30 pm – Court 30 SC Future 9th vs Memphis Mambas 2021

July 9th

9:35am – Court 26 Memphis Mambas 2021 vs MD Shooting Stars 14U

1:55pm – Court 26 BC’s Finest 14U vs Memphis Mambas 2021

Memphis Lady Mambas Raffle Drawing Winners

Thanks to all those who participated, supported and encouraged the Lady Mambas throughout the season; your support is greatly appreciated. Below are the winners from Satuday’s raffle drawing:
$25 Cliff Finnie #3103 Mega ticket  $20 additional 

$50 Lynn Simpson #1375

$75 Tamika Walters #1541

$ 100 CoCo Mega Ticket $20 additional 

Mambas Alumni

Since the Mambas inception in 2013, we’ve had the pleasure of working with these ladies and sending them on to their next adventures in their respective sports:


Moriah Muhammad – Rhodes College (Soulsville Charter)


Canzis Echols – Walters State (Kingsbury High)

Gabby Moore – Spring Hill College (Memphis Catholic)

Laura Spradlin – Ouachita Baptist (Memphis Metro Home School)

Astraea Moore – Northwest Mississippi CC (Southaven High)

Suzanne Dease – Belhaven (soccer) (Memphis Catholic)

Courtney Banks – Lemoyne-Owen College (Desoto Central)

Breana Beason – Lemoyne-Owen College (Sheffield)

DaShona Richard – Lemoyne-Owen College (volleyball) (Wooddale)

Gabby Morgan – Lewis & Clark CC (Southaven)

Dee Dee Williams – Lewis & Clark CC (Bartlett)

Danielle Conley – Lewis & Clark CC (Craigmont)


Zaire Hicks – UT-Martin (White Station)

Teal Battle – UALR (White Station)

Lindsey Whiteside – Rhodes College (Northpoint)

Emily Evans – East Mississippi CC (Southaven)

Jordyn Greene – Jackson State CC (Gleason)

Erica Jones – Kentucky State (Southaven)

Kiara McCollins – Itawamba CC (Mitchell)


Benise Duhart – King University (SBA)

Surina Finnie – Harris Stowe (Ridgeway)

Tye Metcalf – East Mississippi CC (Southaven)

Kealy Wilson – Itawamba CC (Horn Lake)

Dee Dee Williams
DaShona Richard
Courtney Banks
Breana Beason
Astraea Moore
Suzanne Dease
Laura Spradlin
Gabby Moore
Gabby Morgan
Danielle Conley
Canzis Echols
Teal Battle
Teal Battle
Zaire Hicks
Erica Jones
Erica Jones
Kiara McCollins
Kiara McCollins
Jordyn Greene
Jordyn Greene
Lindsey Whiteside
Lindsey Whiteside
Emily Evans
Emily Evans
Moriah Muhammad

Benise Duhart

Surina Finnie
Tye Metcalf


Kealy Wilson

Toni Green at Southern Illinois Elite Camp

Toni Green (2019- Bartlett) participated in the Southern Illinois Elite Camp. Toni has been keeping busy this June also participating in the University of Memphis team camp and Jr. All American Camp. Toni will be playing in July with Lady Mambas 2019 in Louisville at Run 4 Roses and Battle in the Boro.

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