Mambas seeks to build a strong, positive culture of good sportsmanship and exemplary behavior.  This code applies to coaches, team managers, players, parents, and even family/friends of the Mambas and its players.  Because this is such an important aspect to the culture of the Mambas, we want to clearly specify the expectations and ensure everyone is fully informed so we can then hold all of the club’s extended family accountable for their behavior.
Failure to observe the code of conduct could result in forfeiture of a player’s tournament participation and/or continued team participation. Players who violate the code of conduct will be benched.  Family members who violate the code of conduct may be asked to leave a game and/or the gym premises.  A player may be asked to leave the club entirely for repeated violations of the code, and if so, there will be no refunds of the player participation fees.

Players will:

o demonstrate good sportsmanship and respect toward my teammates, coaches,
competitors and officials at every game or practice.

o place the emotional and physical well being of my team and others ahead of my
personal desire to win or the need to excel individually.

o do her best to keep her body in shape and maintain a positive mental attitude for the duration of the season.  She will honor the game of basketball and be a good role model and an ambassador for the Mambas.

Parents will:

o support the coaches and team managers working with the Mambas in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable basketball experience for all.

o always behave respectfully toward their daughter’s teammates, other players, coaches, fans and the officials, despite what they may do or how they themselves might behave and regardless of race, geography, creed or ability.  Parents will also reinforce this perspective with their daughter and will role model the desired behavior for their daughter.

o do their very best to make the sport of basketball fun for their child and their teammates and help her balance winning and personal achievement with teamwork and learning basketball skills and life lessons.

o communicate directly with coaches or team managers with any problems, questions
concerns or improvement ideas involving their child or the team in general.

o be responsible for picking up and dropping off their child to practices or games on time.  If their daughter is late or unable to attend practices or games, the parent or player will contact the coach and/or team manager and inform them accordingly.