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Coach Bell

Lady Mambas 7th & 8th Grade Spring/Summer Information

Lady Mambas 7th-8th Grade Team


Wednesday 6:30pm-8:30pm

Pleasant View School

1888 Bartlett Rd

Saturday 9am-11:00am

Davis Community Center

3371 Spotwood

Sunday 5:00 pm-7:00pm

Pleasant View School

1888 Bartlett Rd


February $75

March $100


May $100

June $100

Uniform Included

Travel expenses not included

Tournament Schedule:

Team will play High Division in town and Grade Division out of town (College Exposure)

March 17-18 Memphis TN.

Hi C League (Monday night games) High School Division April- May

April 7-8 -West Memphis Ark.

April 20-21 – Louisville Ky.

May 12th-13th – Memphis TN.

May 26-27 – Little Rock Ark.

June 21-24 – Memphis TN.

July 5-13 – Louisville Ky.

July 26-29 – Atlanta GA.or Ohio

September (tentative exposure weekend)


Lady Mambas 2017 & 2018 Battle in the Boro Schedules

Lady Mambas 2017

Lady Mambas 2018

Lady Mambas July Schedule

Lady Mambas – AW
July 8th- Apache Paschall- Hooptown, TN
July 9th- Music City Invitational- Nashville, TN
July 10th-13th Battle in the Boro- Nashville, TN
July 22nd-25th Nawlins Elite Showcase-  Westwego, LA
July 27th-29th UA Cup- Lithonia, GA

Lady Mambas- Bell
July 8th- Apache Paschal – Hooptown, TN
July 9th – Music City Invitational- Nashville, TN
July 10th-13th Battle in the Boro- Nashville, TN
July 23rd-26th ATL Summer Slam- Lithonia, GA

Lady Mambas 2017 & 2018 Summer Schedule

May 21-22 Main Event – Little Rock, AR

July 8th Apache Paschall- Nashville, TN

July 9th Music City Showdown- Nashville, TN

July 10th-12th Battle of the Boro- Nashville, TN

July 23rd- 26th ATL Summer Slam- Marietta, GA

***July 28th-29th PSBElite32 Summer Session II- Augusta, GA***


Lady Mambas-Bell (2018) win 1st place in MAYB tournament

Lady Mambas- Bell (2018) win 1st place in MAYB tournament last weekend. This is their 5th tournament win in 2 seasons. The growth and dominance of this team has been fun to watch. Keep up the hard work ladies.

Lady Mambas-Bell (2020) win 2nd place at MAYB Tournament


Lady Mambas- Bell (2020) win 2nd place in the MAYB tournament last weekend. Congrats ladies keep up the good work.

Surina Finnie (2018) Got Her Own Billboard



Drive down Winchester Road and you will see Lady Mamba Surina Finnie on her very own Billboard outside of Power Center Academy.

#Mambas Nation with another great weekend

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The Lady Mambas 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 teams were all in action this weekend. All teams have been impressive this spring season and will look to continue to dominate through May.

Lady Mambas- Strickland (2020) went 3-1 in the SuperChamps tournament and making the semifinals

Lady Mambas-Washington (2019) won 1st place in the SuperChamps tournament

Lady Mambas- Bell (2018) went 3-2 and won 1st place in the Bronze bracket at NEB Spring Invitational

Lady Mambas- AW (2017) went 5-1 and won 1st place in the Silver bracket at NEB Spring Invitational

#Mambas Nation

Lady Mambas 9th, 10th & 11th schedule at ATL Spring Slam

Lady Mambas-AW:

April 16th 

10:20- Court 1

6:30- Court 1

April 17th

8:00 am- Court 1

4:10 – Court 2

Lady Mambas- Bell:

April 16th

8:00 am – Court 2

12:40 – Court 2

7:40- Court 1

April 17th

1:50 – Court 3

4:10 – Court 3

Lady Mambas- Washington:

April 16th

11:30 – Court 2

8:50 – Court 3

April 17th

11:30- Court 3

5:20- Court 3


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