Black Team, Coach Adkins:


Anna Avery
Julia Hardee
Gabriella Hirsch
Kinsley Crews
Erin Roy
Hallie Turner
Grace Lamey
Mia Hawley
Kathryn Cohen
Parker Hair
Natalie Bryant
Zoey Rixter


1888 Bartlett Rd
Thursday 7:30-9:00 pm
Sunday 6:30- 8:30 pm


Monday Night Games
March 25-April 29
@St Agnes School

Mar 25th- 5:30pm vs. Team Thad-Walker (Mambas as Visiting team) @ St Agnes Academy Old Gym
April 1st- 7:10pm vs. Team Thad-Hearn (Mambas as Visiting team) @ St. Agnes old gym
April 8th- 8pm vs. Banshees-James (Mambas as Home team) @ Bartlett High School
April 15th- 8pm vs. Shooting Stars S (Mambas as Home team) @ St. Agnes Academy old gym
April 23rd- 5:30pm vs. Tri-State Elite (Mambas as Visiting team) @ Bartlett Freshman Academy
April 29th- 8pm vs. Lady Elite Eagles (Mambas as Home team) @ Bartlett Freshman Academy

Tuesday Night Games
March 26th- April 30th
@Binghampton Life Center
Tuesday Night Games
June 11th- July 23rd
@ Binghampton Life Center


April 6th Memphis Tn. (Select)
April 20th Memphis Tn. (Rachael)
April 26th-28th (Rod)
May 4-5th Memphis (Rod)
May 11th (Play date) Memphis Tn.
May 17-19th Memphis, Tn. (Kater)
Off May 20th – May 25th
June 1st (Camp)Memphis Tn.
June 8th  (Camp) Memphis Tn.
June 11th starts 2nd League
June 29th-30th Memphis (Super champs)
July 2nd & 3rd Brentwood, Tn. (BW)
Off July 4th-10th
July 12th-14th Memphis, Tn.(Kater)
July 26th-28th Memphis, Tn. (Kater)
*Additional training days TBA
On any Saturday that has nothing scheduled, we might add something.  But anything not posted will be optional.