I named our team Mambas because of Kobe Bryant.

Kobe isn’t my favorite player of all time. Nor am I’m a Lakers fan.

Kobe is a symbol of excellence, hard work, a never quit mentality and self believer when others doubted him.

Kobe Bryant is the best player of his generation. Kobe is a game changer. A fearless leader. A competitor to the highest degree.

I train all Mambas players to have a Kobe frame of mind.

1st go hard in gym when others have gone home.

2nd never back down from a obstacle. No matter the size.

3rd Totally believe in yourself.

4th Block out others comments and remarks.

5th Always be willing to take the last shot.

5 reasons Kobe won 5 titles.

Memphis Mambas Salute Kobe Bryant one of the greatest ever.

Thank you Kobe we will continue your fighting spirit, desire to compete and drive to win.