Canzis Echols (2016) is a ultra-athletic shooting guard, small forward from Kingsbury High School. What does Canzis do is the easiest question to answer; she flat out scores, scores, and scores even more. At the recent Battle in The Boro Fall Championships, Canzis led us in scoring for the tournament posting 18 and 17 points in the first two games even while splitting equal playing time. Canzis can score from anywhere at anytime. She scores off the dribble, behind the arc, mid-range, through contact and every way in between. Her physique and athleticism is immediately noticeable when she steps on the court. This uncanny strength and athleticism makes her effective on the defensive end as she can easily guard the 1-4 positions. Whats even more amazing is to watch her sky over much taller players for offensive and defensive rebounds. Her natural abilities makes her such a unique asset for any team because it allows you to play small with 4 guards and her handling the post or play big allowing her to handle the other teams quickest guards. The best thing Canzis accomplished this summer was her commitment to become a better off ball defender and adding that to her game will only make her a more well-rounded player. Shockingly Canzis Echols is still unsigned so some school will get a sleeper that will make an immediate impact.