Who Got Next Fall League week three was exciting as a few new players joined the league and plenty of in game highlights. Toni Green, who helped her team win in Patosha Jeffery event earlier that day, came in and dropped 17 points. She posted the league’s high after scoring 13 the week earlier; will she be the first player to hit 20 points? Ellie Adkission after missing everything in the first half going scoreless came back after the break on fire dropping 10 in the second half. Ravia Crawford who should be back this week after twisting her ankle dropped in 10 points with her dribble penetration. It was great to see players start to get confident on the court cant wait until week four to see who else will step up.

Sky (21) – Liberty (37)

Sky: Ellie Adkission (10), Michaela Brown (7)

Liberty: Toni Green (17), Aliyah Wilson (9)

Shock (21) – Sky (28)

Shock: Ravia Crawford (10), T. Threkheld (5)

Sky: Aliyah Wilson (8), Makayah Duncan (6)

Open Run: Kamille Clark (10), Toni Green (9)