Week 2 matchup between Notre Dame vs Florida State was tightly contested and well fought by both sides. Two of the top guards in MS were pitted against each other in this game with Notre Dame Ashtyn Baker (2017- Northpoint) and Florida State Myah Taylor (2017- Olive Branch) both trying to lead their respective team to victory. These two young ladies left it all on the court this game. Both showed why they are so sought after from college coaches competing on every play from Ashtyn although being the shortest person on the floor battling for defensive rebounds to Myah stopping a 3-1 fast break on her own. It was great to witness players push through fatigue and compete until the last second and at the same time encouraging their younger teammates during the heated contest. Speaking of younger teammates, Taylor Woodhouse (2021- Colonial) showed no fear on the court with the high schoolers, knocking down shots and handling point guard duties definitely a player to watch out for in the future. Alyssa Wells (2017- Conway) came up with some big plays in timely situations to help Ashtyn and Notre Dame squeeze out the victory.

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