The Bluff City Girls Fall League is a highly competitive league with the area’s top talent playing at Mississippi Blvd Church on Sundays. The entire league is loaded with talent from ESPN #98 Rondrea Echols (2016- Overton), #100 Manaya Jones (2016- Raleigh-Egypt), #53 Myah Taylor (2017- Olive Branch) to super freshman Jayla Hemingway (2019- Houston) and too many more to name. The energy in the building is electric and the games are played at a break neck tempo. Make sure you get out to witness our area’s top talent all playing at one place. The schedule is posted below:

August 30th
3:00pm​​ Dream ​​vs​ Sky
4:15pm​​ Lynx ​​vs ​Mercury
5:30pm​​ Sparks​​vs ​Fever
6:45pm​​ Mystics​​ vs​ Storm

September 6th ​​​​​​​​​​​​
3:00pm​​Mystics ​vs ​Sparks
4:15pm​​Mercury ​vs ​Fever
5:30pm​​ Sky ​​vs ​Lynx
6:45pm​​ Storm​​ vs​ Dream

September 13th ​​​​​​​​​​​
3:00pm​​ Storm ​​vs ​Lynx
4:15pm​​ Sparks ​​vs ​Dream
5:30pm​​ Mystics​​ vs​ Mercury
6:45pm​​ Fever​​ vs​ Sky

September 20th ​​​​​​​​​​​
3:00pm​​ Dream ​​vs ​Lynx
4:15pm​​ Storm ​​vs ​Fever
5:30pm​​ Mystics​​ vs​ Sky
6:45pm​​ Mercury​ vs​ Sparks