Gabby Morgan (2016) is a long armed shooting guard from Southaven (MS) High School and a terror on the defensive end of the court. Her ball skills are better than most NFL cornerbacks; she is always tracking the ball whether its in the passing lanes or harassing a ball handler. Every time she is on the court she creates five or six extra offensive possessions just by disrupting the other teams flow. Gabby is a ” One Man Press” and will make consistently make the other team’s ball handlers uncomfortable. She also has an uncanny knack for getting offensive rebounds. You usually dont find guards who get five or six offensive rebounds per game but she does it routinely. She brings impact to the game in a multitude of ways: deadly spot up shooter, always makes the extra pass, and is a vocal leader. Gabby will be a productive member of any collegiate team and anytime she is on the court she will create multiple extra opportunities for her teammates.