First practice will be this Tuesday 03/10 at Memphis Catholic 61 North McLean Boulevard, Memphis, TN 38104 from 6-8 pm. Each practice will have a small group training attached 30 minutes prior to the start of practice. Those players from that group will need to be on the court ready to go at the designated time. Tuesday’s practice Group 1 will have small group training. This training is an effort to strengthen players individual weaknesses and development. Players in  Group 1 need to be dressed and on the court by 5:30pm. Parents contact Coach AW 901-552-7522 or Coach Wood 901-303-7855 if there are any concerns.

Small Group Training and Development:

Small Group #1 Small Group #2 Small Group #3 Small Group #4
Candiz Echols Zaire Hicks Teal Battle Courtney Banks
Emily Evans Gabby Moore Erica Jones Taya Banks
Gabby Morgan Astraea Moore Astraea Moore Erica Jones
Breanna Beason Gabby Morgan
Kyla Taylor Emily Evans