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Jan. 12

Girls/boys, 6/7:30 p.m.: East at Central; Overton at Hamilton; White Station at Melrose; Craigmont at Manassas; Douglass at Fairley; MLK Prep at Trezevant; Sheffield at Westwood; Carver at Memphis School of Excellence; GRAD Academy at KIPP; MAHS at Hillcrest; GRAD Academy at KIPP; MASE at Soulsville; Memphis Business Academy at Middle College; Power Center Academy at Mitchell; Northside at BTW; St. Benedict at St. George’s

Girls only, 6 p.m.: St. Mary’s at Catholic

Boys only, 7:30 p.m.: City University at Oakhaven; Memphis Metro at Catholic

Jan. 13

Girls/boys, 6/7:30 p.m.: Melrose at Central; Hamilton at East; Overton at Whitehaven; Ridgeway at Collierville; Germantown at Wooddale; Kirby at Houston; Arlington at Cordova; Bartlett at Kingsbury; Bolton at Millington; Fairley at Craigmont; Manassas at MLK Prep; Raleigh-Egypt at Sheffield; BTW at Carver; Hillcrest at Mitchell; Northside at KIPP; MASE at MAHS; Oakhaven at Soulsville; MHEA at Briarcrest; Catholic at Northpoint; ECS at Lausanne; Harding at FACS; Tipton-Rosemark at Fayette Academy; Rossville Christian at St. George’s; Brighton at Center Hill; Covington at Ripley; Fayette Ware at Chester County; Southaven at Horn Lake; Olive Branch at DeSoto Central; North Panola at Lake Cormorant.

Girls/boys, 6:30/8 p.m.: Dyer County at St. Benedict.

Girls only, 6 p.m.: St. Mary’s at Hutchison

Boys only, 7:30 p.m.: Power Center Academy at City University; Middle College at Memphis School of Excellence; Memphis Nighthawks at CBHS

Jan. 14

Girls/boys, 6/7:30 p.m.: Westwood at Douglass; MLK Prep at GRAD Academy

Girls only, 6 p.m.: Hutchison at Kirby

Boys only, 7:30 p.m.: Cooper Yeshiva at City University; KIPP at FACS

Jan. 15

Girls/boys, 6/7:30 p.m.: GRAD Academy at Memphis Business Academy; Westminster at Fayette Academy; Munford at Hardin County

Girls only, 6 p.m.: St. Benedict at St. Agnes

Jan. 16

Girls/boys, 6/7:30 p.m.: Central at White Station; Whitehaven at East; Hamilton at Melrose; Collierville at Wooddale; Houston at Germantown; Southwind at Kirby; Arlington at Bartlett; Bolton at Kingsbury; Cordova at Millington; Raleigh-Egypt at Douglass; Fairley at Sheffield; Trezevant at Manassas; MLK Prep at Westwood; KIPP at Carver; Hillcrest at Power Center Academy; MAHS at Oakhaven; Mitchell at MASE; BTW at Middle College; Northside at W.E.B. DuBois; Catholic at FACS; Northpoint at ECS; Lausanne at Harding; St. George’s at Fayette Academy; Rossville Christian at Sacred Heart; Tipton-Rosemark at USJ; Brighton at Dyer County; Covington at Jackson Central-Merry; Fayette Ware at Jackson South Side; DeSoto Central at Southaven; Lewisburg at Center Hill; Horn Lake at Olive Branch

Girls only, 6 p.m.: Hutchison at Briarcrest; St. Mary’s at St. Agnes

Boys only, 7:30 p.m.: Soulsville at City University; Memphis School of Excellence at Memphis Business Academy; MUS at Briarcrest; St. Benedict at CBHS

Jan. 17

Girls/boys, 6/7:30 p.m.: Northpoint at Rossville Christian