Patosha Jeffery wrote an article about the final week of her Fall Exposure League. The full article is available here.  Here is an excerpt which features one of our Lady Mambas, Jerhonise Rollins (2016).

As the weeks go by, players build up their conditioning and confidence. They also build up their soft skills like communication, teamwork and leadership. When players have more wind, energy and confidence, they tend to increase their production and have break out games.

UConn’s 5’11 Jerhonise Rollins surprised me at the beginning of the league with the amount of growth she has had since last year. She is aggressive and much more active. She is also becoming a scorer. During the Final Week, Jerhonise showed that you may not be able to leave her open. During the game, instead of losing the battle of banging in the post with Memphis’ Morgan Walton, Jerhonise decided to take her game beyond the three point line. She knocked down 3 three pointers and finished with 13 point 6 rebounds and 3 steals.