Leroy Watson, national evaluator with Rivals and Tiger Sports Report, recently released an article evaluating the talent at Terry Boykins 94 / 50 Combine.

The full article is available here

Excerpt from article below:

Girls’ basketball is in desperate need of more exposure, and skills trainer Terry Boykin knows it. So for the second year in a row, he held the Playmaker Basketball Academy High School Girls Elite Camp in Clarksville, TN at the Family Life Center.

It was a great opportunity to see some very solid talent from West and Central Tennessee.

Towering head-and-shoulders above everyone else was the ridiculously talented Lea Lea Carter (2016). Carter is a do-everything guard/forward with no real weaknesses in her game. In fact, she put us in the mind of Hasinah Muhammad (Auburn), except Carter is even more skilled, athletic and polished than Muhammad was at the same age. Carter is ranked #6 overall in the country for good reason. She’s a sure fire high Division I basketball player.

There were eight (8) young ladies representing the West Tennessee or Desoto County areas. All of them made the final camp showcase game, out of the 20 selected.

Let’s put that into the proper context. There were 52 camp participants. Just under 40% made the showcase all-star tilt. Therefore, mathematically we should expect that just three (3) girls from the Memphis area would make the final game.

Going 8-for-8 was simply remarkable.

The Memphis-area contingent included (in alphabetical order): Shaela Gardner (Houston), Zaire Hicks (Desoto Central), Johanna Jones (Munford), Destinee Manning (Germantown), Kyra Pryor (Collierville), Jerhonise Rollins (Cordova), Alexis Taylor (Collierville) and Jada Taylor (Collierville). There were also a pair from Dyer County: McKayla Enoch and Sarah Owen.

No one from West Tennessee was exactly an offensive dynamo, but probably the all-around best prospect from this area was Hicks, a point guard  in the Class of 2017. When she was playing off the ball she sometimes disappeared, but when running the point she was amazing. Keep your eyes on this sophomore with splendid lateral motion, superior court vision and a nice mid-range jumper.

Gardner is the quintessential glue player. She makes up for her slow feet with excellent understanding of angles. She’s very crafty and crashes the boards hard. Rollins isn’t super tall but she’s got long, long arms. She needs a lot of individual skill work but we love her upside. She can finish through contact at the rim and oozes athleticism.

Some of those same things could be said of Destinee Manning. Manning, though, is actually more polished than Rollins. Destinee will likely be a wing player on the collegiate level but with her non-stop motor and bounce, she usually plays the post at Germantown. She is only a sophomore (c/o ’17) so there is a lot of time for her to improve.

The Taylors are a nice looking pair of young guards. Jada is the shooter and Alexis is the distributor/play-maker. They each have nice speed and can get into the paint to cause damage. Along with Pryor in the back court, Collierville is young but that bodes well for the future. Jones, who changes direction better than a lot of boys, will be a building block out at Munford.