Patosha Jeffrey Fall League Week 1 Recap

If I were handing out awards at the end of the league, I would start with the Most Improved award. UConn’s 5’ll forward Jerhonise Rollins (2016) had me doing double takes as I watched the game. Since last year’s league, Jerhonise has grown from a passive player to a hyper active beast. She is all over the place now getting rebounds, steals and buckets. She’s stronger and plays more physical. It was hard to not notice the UConn dynamic guard duo of Zaire Hicks (2017) and Emily Evans (2017). Zaire is a shake and bake type point guard who is hard to contain. She does just about whatever she wants to do whether it’s getting to the basket, setting up teammates and dropping off the three.  Emily is aggressive and smart. She can operate as both a spot up shooter and as a distributor.


Don’t let Maryland’s 5’11 forward Erica Jones (2017) body frame fool you.  She is no push over. If the ball is in her area, she’s going to get it. She uses her long arms to her advantage to stretch out and get rebounds. She also knows how to  look for her man to put a body on them to box out. She finished the game with 7 boards.

Great job!! Continue to work hard and improve each week.

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