The 4th Annual Patosha Jeffery Fall Exposure League starts next weekend with games being played on Sept. 6th, 13th & 20th. Games will run from 9am-1pm. Team schedules will be released the week of August 31 and will be played at Ridgeway Baptist Church 2500 Ridgeway Rd. Memphis, TN 38119. Many of our Lady Mambas are participating in this league so please come out and support. Also the deadline to register is today.

Who’s  Participating:

Taylor Robertson, Rossville Christian/Memphis Elite-Mathis, 2015 (Best of Preps)
Megan Caffrey, Hernando (MS)/Team Journey, 2019
Catie Shoemaker, MHEA, 2018
Anna Shoemaker, MHEA, 2019
Christina Nichols, Millington Middle, 2020
Annaliese Burnett, MHEA, 2018
Julia Nicholson, MHEA, 2018
Kylie Loadholt, MHEA, 2018
Kelsey Trice, Houston/Olive Branch Elite, 2018
Lauren Taylor, Collierville/Memphis Eagles, 2018
Zipporah Davis, Snowden/Team Crossover, 2020
Lindsey Vaughn, MHEA/Team Memphis Elite, 2018
Destiny Gardner, Lewisburg (MS)/Lady Cougars, 2015 (MGBB 30/40 Club, Best of Preps)
Ann Ragan Grissom, St. George’s/Team Memphis Elite, 2019
Trinity Farmer, Collierville, 2018
Kynadi Kuykendoll, Snowden/Team Memphis Elite,2019
Alyiah T. Wells, Briarcrest, 2019
Alexandra Wherry, Munford/Tennessee Glory, 2015
Brianna Cooks, Snowden/Tennessee Glory, 2019
Gigi Lewis, MHEA/Memphis Elite, 2018
Sarah Granberry, Arlington/Team Memphis Elite, 2018**
Brittni Moore, White Station/Team Memphis Elite, 2018
Torri Lewis, MHEA/TN Flight, 2015 (Ole Miss Commit, MGBB 30/40 Club, Best of Preps)
Qelsi Kelly, Cordova/Memphis Eagles, 2018
Adi Thrasher, St. George’s/Team Memphis Elite, 2020
Aliyah Herod, Oxford (MS)/ MS Blues, 2016
Keveona Fayne, Craigmont/Memphis Lady Mambas, 2016**
Claire Waddell, ECS/Team Memphis Elite, 2019
Jazsmyn Thornton, Craigmont/Lady Bulldogs, 2016
Zaire Hicks, Desoto Central/Memphis Lady Mambas, 2017
Jerhonise Rollins, Cordova/Memphis Lady Mambas, 2016
Charity Savage, Bartlett/Memphis Lady All Stars, 2016 (MGBB 30/40 Club, Best of Preps)
Alexis Taylor, Collierville/Memphis Eagles, 2018
Savanna Owens, Briarcrest, 2018
Jada Taylor, Collierville/Memphis Eagles, 2018
Kyra Pryor, Collierville/Team Memphis Elite, 2017
Erica Jones, Southaven/Memphis Lady Mambas, 2017
Bionka Massie, FACS/Team Memphis Elite, 2017
Kayli Skelton, Fayette Academy/Team Memphis Elite, 2016 (Best of Preps)
Laurissa Campbell, Blytheville (AR)/Elite Sports, 2019
Kerrigan Braxton, Hutchison/Memphis Elite, 2019
Valecia Harris, Harding/Memphis Lady Mambas, 2016
Taylor Christian, Houston/Memphis Lady Mambas, 2016
Paulina Hutchison, St. George’s/Team Memphis Elite, 2019
Gabrielle Morgan, Southaven/Memphis Lady Mambas, 2016
Gabby Moore, Catholic/Memphis Lady Mambas, 2016**
Courtney Simon, Southaven/Memphis Lady Mambas, 2017
Emily Evans, Southaven/Memphis Lady Mambas, 2017