Premier prides itself on being respectful to all players, opponents, parents, officials, trainers and coaches.

1. All players must maintain a positive attitude
2. No cursing
3. No stealing or touching any ones personal property without the owner’s permission
4. No name calling (not even in a joking manner)
5. No fighting or putting hand on any player in a negative way (not even as a joke)
6. No criticizing of other players’ abilities or performance
7. No teasing
8. No sexual talk, games, touching or hinting
9. No negative online posting of teammates, coaches, parents or anyone associated with Premier Athletic Club

Breaking of any of these rules will result in:
1st A private meet with parent
2nd Suspension from practice and or game
3rd Removal from Premier Athletic Club

1. All parents must maintain a positive attitude
2. Parents with complaints should contact director first
3. Parents cannot approach coaches and trainer outside of training facility with a complaint
4. Parents cannot interfere with practices, training or coaches instructions
5. Parents cannot confront a player
6. No cursing at any PAC practices or games

Breaking of any of the rules will result in:
1. Parent being asked not to attend practices or games

I, __________________________________, agree to adhere to Codes of Conduct.

I, ___________________________________, have reviewed Codes of Conduct with my child, _____________________________________.
I agree with the terms set for my child and myself.

Available for download here CODES OF CONDUCT